Grow Your Business With a Strategic Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing your business online can be pretty complex.  We will discuss the benefits of implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google ads, and social media promotions into your online digital strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization

Before we get into the benefits of SEO, Google Ads, and social media promotions, let’s discuss some key points that need to be addressed before investing in these three solutions.

  1. Your business website should be well organized, look professional, and include the right keywords, meta titles, and descriptions.  This will help your digital marketing campaigns tremendously once you start promoting yourself on search engines and through Google advertising.
  2. Your business needs to have Google Analytics set up and installed on your website.  This will help you track your performance when promoting your business online.

Now that we have that covered, let’s start discussing SEO.  Here are some essential things that you should know about SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.  It takes time to rank your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. On average, it may take anywhere from 60 days to 6 months to drastically improve your search engine rankings.
  •   Content is Key when it comes to ranking higher.  This includes both onsite content and blogs, as well as offsite content like social media and articles that mention your business. You should often update and post keywords, meta titles, and descriptions for each page you create.

The Benefits of Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

  1. As your SEO campaign progresses, so will your rankings.  With the help of a proper SEO plan, the goal is to get your business website within the first three pages of Google.  The search engines love it when your website gets organic traffic (traffic not received through advertising). Your organic traffic should increase by placing the right content, keywords, and meta titles/descriptions throughout your website's pages.
  2. In general, people do not like to be sold something.  They want to research and become confident in what they are about to purchase. Having your business on the first three pages of Google will provide your future website visitors confidence that you are an honest and trustworthy organization giving them a better feeling about your Brand.
  3.  SEO allows you to promote your business on multiple search engines versus one advertisement on one single platform. A good SEO strategy will increase your business's traffic volume and exposure.
  4. SEO plans are usually the exact cost every month, so you can budget for it appropriately each year when you create your annual budget. 

 Google Ads

Before setting up google ads, you will need to design an effective ad.  You should also ensure that Google Analytics and Tags are set up accordingly.  Whether you promote your business on Facebook or not, you should also ensure that Facebook Pixels are installed on your website.  This will allow you to target Facebook users who click on your website when you start promoting on this platform. 

The Benefits of Google Advertising

  1.  Google advertising provides immediate results and promotion for your website.  There is no waiting once you create your ad and post it.
  2. Google advertising has some flexibility on who sees your ad.  You can set up rules that will help target the right people.
  3. Advertising on Google will allow you to turn on and turn off your campaign when you want.  You can also adjust ad spend as necessary, giving you more control of where your dollars are spent.

Social Media Promotions

Social media advertising is another key area to concentrate your digital marketing efforts towards.  The challenging part of promoting your business on social media is the audience.  Every platform has its target market, so it is essential to enable the right kind of content to the right audience.  What you encourage on LinkedIn will be different than what you promote on TikTok. Understanding what your audience wants to see will be the starting point for your social media ad campaigns. 

The Benefits of Social Media Ads

  1. Reach the right targeted audience through the right social media platform.
  2.   Promotes your business off-site, which helps increase SEO rankings.
  3.  Receive free traffic with likes and reshares of your postings.
  4. Provide clients the opportunity to reach your business in a way that is convenient for them.
  5. Leverage the power of Analytics and Pixels to help reach prospects most interested in your products and services.

So, what is the best way to promote your business online?  Utilizing Google Ads, SEO, and social media Campaigns together will allow your website and online brand to increase its overall audience continuously.  You do not have to do it all at once, though.  You can start with Google Ads, move into SEO after a few months if you wish, and gradually start promoting through social media.  The most crucial part is producing a digital marketing strategy to help you grow. Companies like us analyze the business website and develop and execute an affordable plan that will meet our clients' expectations.

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