How to Create Your Own Course on LinkedIn

How to create a course on LInkedIn


LinkedIn bought out, an online learning platform where you can learn almost anything, from software development to digital illustration. Now it’s called LinkedIn Learning and if you play your cards right, you might be able to get your courses on their platform.

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Create a Course They Will Promote

Before you can put a course on LinkedIn Learning, you’ll have to apply. And even before that, you should already have a course you believe is high enough quality for them to allow on the platform. To approve you, they will need to review the course and the information you provide in the course.


Visit the "Become a LinkedIn Learning Instructor" Page

You must apply to join the system to submit your courses and earn extra money. To get started, you’ll need to go to this page and sign up:


When you sign up, you’ll enter your name, email, LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, background details, languages you use, and more. You’ll also have to choose a topic and submit a sample movie. Be sure to read their movie guidelines in the instructions on the left before you fill out the form.

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Once Published It’s Time to Market

Once you have published your course on LinkedIn, be sure to set up your LinkedIn profile right so that you can market the course. Add the course information and links on your LinkedIn profile, and add your role as instructor in one or more places on your profile. You have many choices - from adding it in your profile summary to your headline or putting it in the experience section.


Share News about Your Course

After you’ve updated your profile to link to your course and included all the skills you’re teaching in the course to your skillset on LinkedIn, you can share news with your connections about your course as soon as the registration is open. You can also tease them in advance if you want to. Post about your course in groups and cross-promote to other social networks.


Don’t Give Up

The fact is, even if you are not accepted as a LinkedIn Learning instructor, now that you have a course finished you can still add it to your profile by linking to the platform you are using to deliver your course. It doesn’t have to happen via LinkedIn Learning to be successful. You can use other platforms that don’t require approval like or to deliver your course.


Putting a course on LinkedIn Learning will undoubtedly add something valuable to your profile that will boost your credibility and possibly open more doors for you. When you do publish a course, no matter where, be sure to add it to your LinkedIn profile, blog about it, and share it to your feed every day until it’s sold out.