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Law Ruler

Working with attorneys over the years as a client and a consultant, I understand their busy schedules. Realizing the challenges Law Professionals face, I began searching for solutions that would help streamline processes at an affordable cost. Below are two challenges that I have come to my realization.  


First Challenge - Keeping Track of Prospective Clients and Automating Communications

Seeing how some law firms accept calls is outdated and insufficient. I know of a few attorney offices allowing their assistants to use personal cell phones to receive weekend calls. In hindsight, this may be an acceptable way to run your Law Practice, but a few questions come to mind doing it this way.


  • What if the phone is not answered? Does it go to voicemail? When will that prospect hear back from the Law Office?
  • Does the office assistant or attorney have a CRM right in front of them when the phone rings?
  • How efficient is taking proper notes while at home with your family?


Imagine receiving a call from a prospect you could not answer, and immediately after the call, your customer gets a text saying that someone will be contacting them soon. In addition, that call gets logged into a CRM system, creates an email, and adds a task to call back completely automated.


The Solution

Law Ruler is the #1 CRM and marketing automation system for Attorneys. Law Ruler includes:

  • A dialer to keep a record of calls and texts
  • It has an email system built-in
  • It consists of a document management component
  • Create forms for email and websites
  • Record tasks and follow-ups
  • Establish workflows
  • Integrates with Microsoft and Law Pay

You can learn more about Law Ruler here or schedule a demo for the software.


Second Challenge - Paper Files, Insufficient Paper Handling, and Paying for Outdated Software

Mapping out your paper process is essential to visualize the spending and time spent on working with documents. The inefficiencies I have noticed over the years are:


  • Searching for documents in file cabinets and banker boxes
  • Paying for offsite storage
  • Manually processing invoices and client files
  • Paying an obscene amount of money for outdated software (monthly and yearly for support)
  • Challenges of scanning documents into the system

What if you could automate your document process and save money at the same time?  


The Solution - Introducing PinPoint Document Management System

Now a three-person Law Firm can have a document system as robust as a larger one. PinPoint features the following:


  • Automate document processes for HR, A/P, and A/R
  • Integrate with almost any other software platform
  • Easy scanning capabilities and workflows built-in
  • Set User Permissions
  • Has a customer portal option
  • Search for documents by keyword, date, dollar amount, and more.

Working with several other document management systems in the past, I can speak to the technology that PinPoint offers. You can learn more about PinPoint by reading this blog.  


Pricing for Law Ruler and PinPoint

Like most other software on the market today, the price depends on the number of users needed to access the software. To provide transparency, I will include the minimum amounts below for each.


Law Ruler - Three-user license is $99 a month for each user (cost does not include Pro Services to implement the software for you.


PinPoint Document Management - *Three-user license is $1,620 per year (Only $45 per month per user). 

*Pricing includes an annual user license for three people, implementation, and support).


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