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1. How to choose your document management system


There are many document management systems, but they do not all work the same way. Document management systems are great solutions to store and organize your electronic, physical, or both documents. The key to choosing a document management system is to ensure it is flexible and easy to implement. If your company is starting, you may want to choose a less expensive system.


However, as your company grows and you start to hire more people, you will want to choose a scalable document management system. You will also want to consider other features that your document management system has, such as the ability to share documents with other employees, a mobile app, and collaboration.



Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you shop for a new document management system:


  • Is it scalable?
  • Will it save my people time with processing documents
  • Does it meet my industry's security and compliance standards (HIPPA, OSHA, etc.)?
  • Will it integrate well with your organization's infrastructure?
  • How does the implementation work?
  • What is the cost, and what is my ROI?



2. The benefits of a document management system


You need a document management system to help you organize your documents. If you're looking for a document management system, you might want to consider a cloud-based solution. This type of system is easy to set up and implement. However, if you're looking for a cloud-based system, you should also consider the security of your data and the number of documents you need to store.


Another thing to think about is the scalability of a document management system. For example, some document management software includes workflows to help simplify the movement of information. In contrast, others offer this as an add-on service, which can add a lot to the overall solution.




Here are a few benefits that your document management software should have:

  • Ability to create workflows for departments like Accounting & HR
  • Ease of getting documents into the system and filing them correctly
  • Assigning the proper permissions according to an employee's role
  • Redacting documents
  • Sharing information internally and externally
  • Password protect documents



3. How to implement a document management system


If you are looking for a document management system that is flexible, inexpensive, and easy to implement, then you should look into the PinPoint Document Management Software.  


The support that PinPoint provides will get your new software implemented on schedule and exceed your specifications. In addition, there are tons of training videos for easy adoption from your staff.



4. Conclusion.


Organizations need to streamline their processes and implement new technologies to be competitive in today's market. PinPoint is the premier document management system that provides policy-based automation. Because PinPoint offers this type of automation, you can automate workflows and integrate with other software to get the most significant value. For more information about our products, visit our website at


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