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With over 20 years of experience managing SEO services, we provide a more technical aspect to Search Engine Optimization. We provide a unique skill set to diagnose and fix campaign challenges are not reachable by other teams with less experience.  

We have four main areas of strength that make us different!

Small Business SEO Task

Researching & Optimizing Websites

Researching & Optimizing Your Website

Keyword Research - Understanding what customers are typing into the search engine is one of the key ingredients to identifying what keywords, meta titles and content should be included on your website.

Initial On-site Content Optimization (Visible) - Evaluating & optimizing the visible onsite content on up to 15 pages of your website and identifying that the targeted keywords "work".

Initial Content Optimizations (Non-Visible) - Evaluation of non-visible content such as Meta Titles and Tags and HTML elements. 


Cleanup bad backlinks

Website Evaluation & Cleanup

On-site Infrastructure Evaluation - This is the overall health check of your Websites content and links. It includes the quality and volume of inbound links, on-page link and content crawling, the impact the content has when searching, robots text, duplicate content issues and anything else that may impact the on-site SEO performance. 

Cleanup of Bad Backlinks - We will input the bad links into the Google Disavow links resource to reduce the impact that they produce on search engine rankings.


Content Creation for SEO

Website Archive Snapshot

Website Snapshot - We archive the before-and-after versions of the SEO implementation to your websites pages, so we can an view a snapshot between the to versions.

Website Content Creation - As needed, we will create pages and content to better optimize the websites search results by implement key phrases within the content, which will help improve the overall SEO of the website.


Business Listings Submission

Business Listings Submission

Business Directory - We will submit your website to business directories line and Merchant Circle

Online Yellow Pages - Profile and linking building to Yellow Pages and Super Pages

Submission to GPS and Mobile Apps - Profile and links created through GPS companies like Google Maps, TomTom, etc.

Business Listing and Voice Search - We will provide link building to business search listings such as Siri, Google Voice and Windows.

Site Map evaluation

Local Business SEO and Sitemaps

Local Business SEO- Updated, creating and optimizing Google My Business

XML Site Maps - Development of site maps that make it easy for search engine bots to crawl. Once tested, we then upload the sitemaps to the major search engines where they are then crawled on an ongoing basis.

SEO Strategies and Account Creation

SEO Strategies and Account Creations

Search Engine Algorithm Updates - The algorithms for Google changes constantly (about 500 time a year or more) and we make the changes necessary to compliment your campaign with the search engines updates.

SEO Plans - SEO plans are important because they ensure long-term campaign growth. We like to get our hands dirt and do what ever it takes to keep your website optimizes for stellar SEO performance. Different task will need to be prioritized every month. This can include adding more links, more content, improved optimization, cleanup of bad links, and strategy adjustments.  

Google Analytics  - We will create and update Google Analytics accordingly.  This tool is used to evaluate the website performace and provide key indicators of what the streagnths and weaknesses are for each page on your site.

Webmaster Tools and Performance Matrixies - Webmaster tools for both Google and Bing tell us what is working and what is not. We will review and create webmaster tool accounts for both Google and Bing which will allow us to provide better direction on how to improve your overall campaign.  

SEO Reporting and consultation

Reporting & Consultation

Website Design Recommendations - If needed, we will provide feedback on your website that will allow for better search engine rankings.

Reporting - This is where we show you why you are paying us to get you ranked.  Our reporting shows your rankings on Bing, Google & Yahoo.  We will also discuss the progress of the SEO campaign and next steps.

Digital Marketing Consultation - Use our knowledge of over 20 years in the digital marketing space. We have seen it all and know what works and what doesn't.

Our Guarantees


Performance Guarantee #1

Performance Guarantee


Gain a minimum of five new and relevant keyword rankings each month. This ensures that your campaign has long-term growth. We only count new keyword rankings if it is within the first two page results of Google


Performance Guarantee #2

SEO Performance Guarantee


Achieving a net positive keyword ranking gain for preexisting rankings each month. This ensures that in addition to capturing new, relevant keyword rankings, that established rankings are also improving.

Corporate SEO Plans

Corporate SEO Tasks

Review onsite and offsite content, link quality, Meta Titles and Tags, website crawling, Robots.txt, Google Panda and Penguin penalties, and anything else that could hinder SEO.

The Launch of Your Corporate SEO Plan

Get found in directories and search engines by providing relevant content on your website. Protect your reputation with Stats that analyze your SEO plan.

Reports and Client Communication

SEO Monthly Ranking Reports - We will discuss progress on your keyword ranking across all search engine and discuss action items.  

Monthly Business Review - In this formal meeting, we will discuss campaign progress, action items and prioritize for next month.

Quarterly Review - This is an in-depth review to go over the overall campaign performance and challenges and co-author action plans to increase SEO outcomes. We will review keywords, traffic to your website and conversation rates.

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