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Whether Your Are A Seasoned Attorney or Just Starting Out, Building Your Professional Brand Online Is Important! 

Show Your Clients That Your Are An Expert

Shine The Spotlight On Your Law Practice And Make Your Competition Your Shadow!

In todays environment, the competition in fierce and having a solid professional brand for yourself and your law practice is extremely important.  Creating a Professional Brand as an attorney can help attorneys just starting out look like giants if you do it right! It can also help those that have been in the law business for years sustain their creditability and professionalism. 

Maintaining a professional Brand for your law practice is more than just having a website and promoting yourself online.  It also includes having outstanding processes which allows better customer care as well as higher productivity for your team.  

Show Your Clients That Your Are An Expert

Building Your Brand

 Although every law practice is different, there are some tools that you should have, and several areas that you should highlight on your website. Below are a few ideas


Intake CRM & Marketing Automation - Automating processes and following up with clients is the key to providing the best client care and increasing the billable hours for each customer. Also, your intake CRM should workflows, integration and a document management system.

Areas of Concentration - Every Attorney has their niche that they wan to concentrate on. It is important to highlight those areas on your home page and add a learn more button to another page that speaks more about that topic.  For example: A divorce lawyer may want to list Divorce Attorney on their page with a short description of why someone would want to use your practice, then link that short description to another page that goes into more detail.

About Me Page -Generally speaking, people want to know and feel comfortable with others that they do business with and the About Me page gives you the opportunity to shine and allow client to get to know you a bit before meeting with you.  This can also be a nice icebreaker as well during your first appointment.

Blog Page - One of the best ways to boost your google rankings and demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about your services is through blog postings.  This important feature will get you noticed and show your value to your client and future prospects.  It will also benefit your practice by giving you content to share on social media.  

Contact Me Page - This one is optional because you could very easy add a form at the bottom of each page as well and have your contact information located at the footer as well. 


Marketing Yourself Online Is Important to Your Professional Brand And Success

Online branding for attorneys

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Money Worth Spending

Most small business owners, including attorneys create their own websites and get little traffic unless they spend loads of money on advertising. We offer several plans starting with designing a website for you and scaling up to our most feature rich platform that includes the Search Engine Optimization Component.  Our packages are fully customizable and the pricing that we include are estimates to provide you with a close price point for our services.

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