Law Ruler - The Best Intake and Marketing Automation CRM System on the Market

Law Ruler

Working with several CRM systems in the past, I know a thing or two about what features and benefits a reasonable CRM offers.  In addition, being a full-service innovative digital marketing & consultation firm, I wanted to provide my clients with the best CRM tool on the market according to their niche.  During my research and testing, I came across Law Ruler.  I was so impressed; that I became a partner a day or two after reviewing the platform.  In this article, I will explain why Law Ruler is a must-have for any Law Firm.

Automating processes and client communication is a focus in the legal field, but choosing the right solution for Law Firms can be challenging.  Creating an atmosphere of professionalism and client care is essential to gaining referrals, repeat business, and winning a prospect as a new client.  In addition, having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows you to stay organized while increasing billable hours and providing the best service for your customers is essential.  Law Ruler is not just a CRM system.  Law Ruler is an end-to-end growth suite & the #1 intake CRM and marketing automation software on the market.

Here are some key features that Law Ruler includes within its platform.

  1. Legal CRM and Contact Management
  2.   Click to Call Dialer
  3. Microsoft 365 Integration
  4.  Online Intake Forms
  5.   Document Templates and Automation
  6. Work Flow Management
  7.  Text and Email Campaign Automation
  8.   Law Firm Reports
  9. Dashboard Analytics
  10.   Integration with Other Programs

Technology today has evolved, allowing less time to be spent implementing cloud-based software; therefore, choosing a CRM platform that is user-friendly and easy to adopt is also essential.  Let’s explore these ten must-haves in more detail.

Legal CRM and Contact Management (Cutting Edge Features That Enrich the Client Experience)

·        Using Your Own Labels You Can Tag Clients – This allows you to search based on a tag you set up under your client’s profile, providing you all the clients that identify under that tag.

·        Track Your Marketing – This marketing intelligence feature allows you to convert prospects into clients

·        Follow Ups, Notes, and tasks - Know what you need to do next and when to follow back up with your clients. 

Click To Call Dialer

  • Automate Calls with Click-to-Call Dialer – Automatically call, and text leads to remain competitive in the marketplace.
  • Google Chrome & Headset -All you need is Google Chrome and a headset built into the Law Ruler Platform.
  • Tracking Calls – Law Ruler can time and date stamp each call and record each incoming and outgoing call.

Microsoft 365 Integration

  • Collaboration – Co-author in real time with Team members.
  • Autosave Documents – Auto save Microsoft documents right inside Law Ruler.
  • Remote Working – Work from anywhere seamlessly that has an internet connection.

Online Intake Forms

  • Create Intake Forms with an Easy-to-Use Website Builder – Create intake forms with the fields you need according to your role.
  • Forms with Your Branding – Customize and add your logo to your intake forms
  • Automation of Data Entry – Save hours manually entering data by populating data automatically within Law Ruler.

Document Templates and Automation

  • Bring Efficiencies to Your Law Practice - Speed up processing with E-signature capabilities within Law Ruler.
  • Reminder Automation – Remind your clients of upcoming tasks through text and email.  Automate reminders on documents and follow-ups seamlessly.
  •  Better Document Assembly – Customizing templates for your documents and adding automation through the online editor will allow you to print and deliver your documents faster.

Work Flow Management

  • Progress Reports That Are Easy to Read – Know which cases need the most attention through the latest updates and progress features within Law Ruler.
  • Templates for Workflow Management – Gain better collaboration and continuity by creating workflows and templates within the platform.
  • Status Tracking for Your Workflows – See what’s complete, current, or past due by reviewing the status of each workflow.

Text and Email Campaigns

  • Automate Communications – Send text, email, and newsletters to targeted clients automatically.
  • Preferred Communications – With 98% of text messages being read and 24% of emails, it's essential to do both.
  • Text Features – Right within Law Ruler, you can send/receive photos, videos, and text messages giving you the information you need faster.

Law Firm Reports

  • Insights for Marketing and Intakes – Analyze which marketing campaigns are most effective.
  • Practice Management – Customize reports to mine the database, review open tasks, and measure productivity.
  • Repeat Success - With Law Ruler's data-driven intelligence feature, understand what’s working and what’s not.


  • Key Performance – Make better decisions by utilizing KPIs.
  • Measure the Right Things – Make better decisions by measuring the right things.
  • Productivity of Staff and Vendors – Measure the performance of staff and vendors to identify historical trends for your law practice.


  • Law Ruler Integrations – Law Ruler has 1500+ integration that will seamlessly connect to the software.  Quickly get the information that you need to and from Law Ruler.

Law Ruler will bring efficiencies to your law practice, save time, and provide a better overall client experience.  Also, you can conveniently carry Law Ruler in your pocket and have the information you need conveniently within the Law Ruler App on your phone or tablet.  Need more information?  Schedule a demo today!